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Community Centre in honor of parson “Laci”

The Community Centre of Ciucsângeorgiu was inaugurated in mid-December and is named after Orbán László, a former parson in the community who played an important role among young people and children. More than 50 people gathered in Bancu to attend the inauguration of the renovated building to commemorate Orbán László “Laci”.

The Community Centre will be administered as part of the church and will house youth organizations, and social activities, it will also function as a day center for elderly people, children, and adults with disabilities. The center will be a meeting place for mothers, as well as for dance groups and other activities.


Several public personalities were present and gave speeches at the opening ceremony: Réti Zsófia, mayor of Ciucsângeorgiu, Lukács János, priest of Șilea Nirajului (Mureș county), Farkas Zsombor, priest of the Church of the Holy Cross in Miercurea Ciuc, Hajdu Gabor council, Borboly Csaba, president of Harghita County Council.