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Homage to our elderlies

Nearly 200 elders from the municipality attended the ceremony in the frame of the International Day of the Older People, on the 3th of October.

The United Nations proclaimed 1 October in 1991 as International Day of the Older People, which the local administration also considers important. To mark this occasion, this year locals organized, together with the Gátkötők Youth Association, an afternoon celebration for local people over the age of 65. About 200 people accepted the invitation and participated at the celebration.


Réti Zsófia mayor was the first to welcome the guests, pointing out in her speech that “this celebration is for You, about You. It reminds us that we must respect older people. Our respect includes accepting them, supporting them, loving them and showing them that we value and love their guidance”. She also added that we should not only be grateful for the support we receive from our elders, but that we should also reciprocate it, and it is our duty to ensure their well-being and safety.


The speech was followed by a performance of the Csíkszentgyörgyi Székely Góbék, followed by the Csíkszentgyörgyi String Orchestra.